Why SoftDucts

SoftDucts Keep the Shape advantages:

  1. Helps maintain its circular shape.
  2. Prevents the accumulation of dust on the surface of the softduct.
  3. Each end of the trajectory is accompanied by a crosshead which provides constant tension in the softduct.

Benefits SoftDucts Static free:

  1. Avoids static electricity problems generated in the air.
  2. Designed to achieve the dispersion of energy stored in the softducts caused the passage/friction of dry air.

Advantages SoftDucts Air Ring:

  1. Prevents condensation and heat transfer from the environment to the interior of the duct.
  2. The air temperature is maintained during the conduction and distribution of the system.
  3. Provides insulation by means of external air system.

SoftDucts Mechanical is advantages

  1. Provides insulation through a polyethylene layer
  2. Resistant to changes in temperature between internal and ambient temperature avoiding condensation.

Benefits SoftDucts Application on ceiling:

  1. Made of a 100% polyester high tensile ripstop thread covered in both sides with a PVC film that provides optimal strength and durability.