What are SoftDucts?

SoftDucts are conductors and air dispersers, made from synthetic fibers, adaptable to any space, application and site that require air in comfortable conditions, whether it is evaporative air, air conditioning, ventilation or any combination of the previously mentioned, which achieve a homogeneous dispersion of airflow.
Each project is unique and designed in a personalized manner to respond to the requirements of each project. The design and manufacture of fabric ducts is performed with technical support in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, technical textiles and automated machinery, allowing the fabric ducts to be hygienic, safe, practical, light and highly adaptable.

1.1 Installation:

The installation is easy, fast and economical. The assembly time is 3 to 6 hours depending on where it will be installed, only 1 to 2 people are required.

Download our installation manual
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1.2 Light
The materials represent less than 2% of the weight suspended in a conventional system.

1.3 colors
SoftDucts has a wide range of colors in its products

1.4 Design flexibility
Our SoftDucts products are designed and manufactured to meet the needs and requirements of the client, according to the type of industry, hygrothermal conditions, geometries and HVAC systems. Always in search of desired comfort backed by an engineering analysis.

1.5 Energy efficiency
SoftDucts dispersion systems are more energy efficient than conventional metal hvac systems.

Image SoftDucts Vs Metallic System